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Clinical, Experimental and Theoretical Evidence for an Additional Circulatory System.

Björn Nordenström

ISBN 91-970432-0-6, Tryckår 1983, 358 sidor.

Boken är slutsåld men finns att öppna eller ladda ner här, utan kostnad:

Matter is condensed energy. Matter derived from electromagnetic energy, supplied with the electrically powered BCEC systems (biologically closed electric circuits) inherits prerequisites to become biological matter. This is possible because mechanisms of BCEC systems contain the capacity to initiate structuring and functioning of matter. The principle of BCEC systems, their actual and potential importance for structure and function in biology and medicine, has been presented only in the form of a survey. It is hoped that the reader may get an understanding of the central biological role of the BCEC systems. They represent in this partial theory of the biological evolution a key mechanism which may provide the important primary steps that are necessary for the transfer of non-biological into biological matter. Due to their basic role, the BCEC systems can be recognized to be involved in most structural and functional expressions in biology. This rests on the fact that our physical world once developed from energy and specifically its representation of electric energy.

Video om behandling av patienter med tumörer med elektroder och strömkretsar
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Boken är ett pionjärarbete med en kartläggning kring kroppens slutna elektriska strömkretsar med två unika publikationer ”Biologically closed electric circuits” och ”Exploring BCEC-systems”. Dessa böcker beskriver teorin och experimenten kring hur elektriska kretsar förklarar stora delar av kroppens funktioner, men framför allt kastar de ett nytt ljus över tumörbiologin och tumörers uppkomstmekanismer. Dessa teorier föranledde Björn Nordenström att börja behandla patienter med tumörer med elektroder och strömkretsar, så kallade elektrokemisk behandling, en metod som har använts och används internationellt, framför allt i Kina där över 13 000 patienter har behandlats med denna metod.

Morton G. Glickman, professor, Yale University School of Medicine

“This seminal work opens important new subjects for research and may ultimately explain many heretofore inexplicable biologic phenomena. However, it is more than a scholarly report of a massive research effort. It is an interesting, often exciting account of a brilliant mind in vigorous action. It leaves the reader exhilarated.”

Paul J. Rosch, MD., professor, New York Medical College

“I first became interested in Bjorn Nordenstrom’s demonstration of an electrical circulatory system (BCEC – Biologically Closed Electric Circuits) because of my research on relationships between stress and cancer. His research has demonstrated that electromagnetic energy is a basic and dominating factor for the organization of structure and function in biochemical and physiologic processes. Therefore, to fully comprehend biology, a comprehensive understanding of the role of biologically closed electrical circuits for energy transfer and communication within the organism is imperative. Here physics comes into the picture insofar as we must also understand BCEC systems as they function on metric to molecular and even atomic levels.”

Arnaldo Pagliarini Lerma

“A groundbreaking work. A masterpiece of clinical research by a man who had no peers. About 2/3rd’s the way through this I had what I describe as the Nordenstrom revelation… that individual organs and structures in the body are electrically insulated from each other by dielectrics, and likewise amazing, that some tumors appear to use electrical warfare to hide themselves from body’s own immune system.”

Mark Schauss

“Genius work but not for those without extensive knowledge. Dr. Nordenstrom’s work is nothing short of genius but it is not for the layman. I bought it 14 years ago for $200 its valuation at $2600 today does not surprise me. It is a brilliant piece of work and is still, years ahead of its time.